Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new journey begins!

I've been writing for the past 10+ months in my blog My Voice. My Voice is basically my personal blog where I write about positivity, personal growth, life lessons and whats obvious in my journey of life. However, having been a management student and internalizing my recent encounters with people who don't understand the value of management and who seem to lack heavily in this area, I'm encouraged me to start this blog - The Management Blog. In this blog, I'll basically be writing about all areas of management. The articles will be about a wide variety of topics like planning, team building, motivating, human resource management, organizational policies, leadership, training and development and so on. 

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for everyone. It is because whether you're an accountant or a health professional, engineer or a social worker, management is an essential skill you'll need to master. If you're an engineer who heads a construction company then you'll have the responsibility of managing people and the entire workflow. If you're a social worker who's aiming to raise a fund for some social cause then you'll need management too. Hence, this is a platform where I am making an attempt to inform you about the essentials of management. I will be speaking based on my experience, knowledge and my own ideas. 

Your readership matters

For the success of this blog, your readership is very important. Hence, I hope you'll visit my blog once in a while. Please do subscribe to the blog, if you find the articles helpful. And, if you have your own ideas you wish to discuss and share then feel free to leave a comment. An exciting new journey begins! (Of course, I'll continue writing for My Voice regularly as well.) 

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