Monday, November 4, 2013

Gratitude at workplace

Do you have any idea what a job may mean for a person? It is taking care of a family, sending kids to school, being independent, buying that lovely dress you see in the mall, eating your favorite meal, paying rent and staying warm in winter. Yet most of the time all that a job gets is complaint - "This is not enough, that is not enough and blah blah... " - rather than gratitude.

Do you have any idea what someone working for you means? That person is making the functioning of a business possible. With his help your business, which is probably your dream, is moving ahead. The employees are giving their time, effort, attention for a dream that is yours. Yet an employee is treated with anything but gratitude - "I'm paying him so he better do as I ask him to do".

What happens in the larger context of events is that getting a job and giving a job is following a divine order. Each of us are neither selling ourselves nor doing any favor for each other. In the course of helping ourselves we're helping the other person as well. And this deserves gratitude.

What happens if employees start feeling grateful towards their employers for giving them a job? What if employers start feeling grateful towards their employees for making the functioning of business possible? Something amazing - we would be happier and so would the workplace. And since 'gratitude' is such a positive emotion, our lives would only get better and more prosperous.

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