Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work life & Meditation

Every time I went for a meditation camp few acquaintances and relatives of mine would ask me if I was planning to become a nun. No, I was not! I was intending to become a professional. Meditation taught me to be non-judgmental and non-reactive. Whether it was a good sensation or bad I had to let it pass. I also learnt the importance of silence through meditation. The same techniques can be applied to survive in a professional world. Whether it be praise or criticism we have to learn how to let it pass. Just because someone is too good to us doesn't mean we can trust them. Evil intentions are usually disguised in the veil of politeness. Similarly, just because someone condemns us doesn't mean we have a reason to doubt ourselves. If the criticism is justified, then we've got to use our wisdom to make needed improvements. On the other hand, if the criticism is baseless, then we have to learn how to ignore it. Silence also becomes very necessary in professional dealings. Many times the words we use can be used against us. Vipassana advocates noble silence whereby no communication is possible even through gestures and body language. Having a blank expression where no other person can guess what's running through your mind is also crucial at work. This is important for two reasons - first, one must separate work and emotions and second, because it helps us keep a safe distance from people who are experts at manipulation. 

Work life entails a lot of pressure and stress. There are many chances of emotional fluctuation. One time you're elated and at other times you're down in distress. Learning how to deal with such highs and lows and keeping a stable balance guarantees a mentally healthy life. We also gain extra strength and stability for dealing with difficult situations. Having a calm personality and being a person who's fair and competent is the mark of a true professional. The only way I can think of how to get to that mark is by applying the techniques of meditation. So, the next time I sit to meditate - it's not just because I am looking for a spiritually fulfilled life, it's also because I'm looking forward to be a mentally healthy professional.

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