Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad examples

If a high ranking official talks about fairness, integrity and professionalism but lets his personal ego and issues influence his professional decisions, then it's hard to follow the values and standards he sets. If the same official favors and appreciates even the mistakes of a mendacious worker while condemning the efforts of the conscientious one, then its easy to question his intentions. When that same person changes business partners and makes employees overwork but underpays in the name of cost-saving yet refuses to let go of the perks and allowances granted to him, then its obvious to eye him as corrupt. Big talks doesn't make anyone appear big in the eyes of others. The work one does and the behavior one exhibits follows like a shadow. If the intention of a manager or someone in a higher authority role is to motivate and influence their co-workers and subordinates, big talks don't serve the purpose. What truly determines the character and commitment level of a professional is the work and not the words. Sadly too many hypocrites exist and we have to learn to deal with them. Sad but true - professionalism demands we keep a straight face despite the disgust. We simply learn to carry on with our work responsibilities without placing any degree of trust and respect for those who manage us in the name of corporate hierarchy. They are the unfortunate bad examples in the name of leadership. We despise them but the best we can do is try never to be like them and stay alert for though we're good, we all have to learn how to save our a**.

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