Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feedback - what does it say?

When you're new in any organization, the first few months is the time for learning. During this phase you'd expect your colleagues to co-operate and your seniors to guide you. You're also likely to make some mistakes. Perhaps you end up doing things differently than it's usually done. You will need someone to outline the system and process for you. If I do a certain process differently, it doesn't mean I think I'm better than everyone else and I'm trying to implement my own system. It only means that I haven't understood the system yet and I want someone to show me the right way. However, few managers tend to think the other way round. This morning I made a simple mistake of numbering in a slightly different manner than it's usually done. I wasn't trying to change the system or prove my ways are better. I just didn't know and I had too much work to notice the minor slip. The feedback I got, "Do you think your ways are better than my system and everyone else who worked here before you? If you think that way then you've got to prove it to me and I can assure you, you can't." The same person once told me, "I don't want you to do the easy way. I want you to do things my way." Now when I think of the constant feedback I keep getting from this person, I realize the feedback speaks less about me and more about him. Apparently, I don't mind! That's what work life is all about. A lot of people see their own reflection and perception in you. You gotta learn to keep an open mind and open ears whereby you listen everything, ignore most of it and retain a few points that help you learn and grow.

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