Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Work-Life Insights

If you've noticed I've changed the title of my blog. 'The Management Blog' didn't really seem suitable considering the contents I've been putting into this space. 'My Work-life Insights' is more like it as it's exactly what I do in here.

The story behind this blog

It all started some 7-8 months ago. I was working in an organization with a lot of potential in the field of research but it didn't have a proper management. They wanted me to contribute in establishing a 'system' but nobody really cared on acting upon it. I encountered unprofessional people along the way. I had so much to offer but I was upset in my inability to bring a change as nobody cared to include me in the so-called 'system-setting' process and nobody cared to change their acts and behavior in order to make the organization what they wanted it to be. Nevertheless, they kept praising my work and wanted me to stay. During this phase I felt a lot of negativity settling inside me. Thus, I decided to give it a creative turn. Instead of complaining about what's not right and letting my ideas vanish in thin air where no one gave a heed upon it I started writing it as a part of my blog.

The story now

I stopped working full-time in that organization back in December 2011. I continued helping them part-time for the next five months. Now I've been working in a different set of organizational setting. It's an organization I'd worked for previously and I will never hesitate admiring it for its set of systems. However, when I returned in the same place 2 years later I found everything changed. Life's more difficult, work's more difficult, people are most difficult to deal with. Once again, I'm using the same platform to channel my creative energies. 'My Work Life Insights', thus, is about work-life experiences and my reflection upon it. To be clear, it's nothing personal. It's all about the lessons I learn along the way.

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